Warner Bros. Still Planning 'Green Lantern' Sequel Despite Box Office

Source: THR
Despite the fact that the film cost around $200 million to produce (rumor has it that marketing costs pushed it to nearly $300 million) and only raking in just over $118 million so far this box office summer, Warner Bros. still has plans to move forward on Green Lantern sequel. THR says the studio has been said to be "somewhat disappointed" in the performance of the film at the box office, but they have faith in the franchise down the road.  We've been hearing about development on the sequel since way before the sequel was released, but box office performance was a certainly concern in preventing that until now.

Honestly, though the comic book film isn't perfect, it doesn't warrant the harshly negative reviews it's been receiving. The film is a fun, literally out-of-this-world superhero flick that has some fun action, and crafts a spectacular comic book universe on screen. In addition, without spoiling anything, the scene during the end credits spectacularly sets up the story for the sequel, and I can't wait to see the next chapter unfold on the big screen. If anything, maybe filmmakers will have learned from their mistakes with this first film (too much mythology, not enough character development and substance) and craft a superior sequel.

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