Cary Fukunaga in Talks to Direct 'Spaceless' Sci-Fi Project at Universal

Source: Playlist
A potential new project for rising filmmaker Cary Fukunaga, who last directed the gothic Jane Eyre, that sounds like it could be pretty damn cool. The Playlist mentioned a tweet (albeit two months old) posted by screenwriter Jeff Vintar (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, I Robot aka @JeffVintar) that stated straight up: "More good news as Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre/Jane Eyre) is in talks to direct my script SPACELESS for producer Gore Verbinski and Universal." Playlist has since confirmed that Fukunaga is interested in Spaceless, a psychological sci-fi project that sounds awesome, but has been kept in the shadows recently.

According to Playlist, Spaceless is a "high concept" sci-fi movie that "centers on a top assassin hunting a high-profile target in space who must figure out how much of his reality is an illusion and what really matters in life before he can complete the job." Sounds pretty cool, eh? As Vintar stated, it's in the works at Universal with Verbinski producing, which means its got some strong studio backing to be more than just an indie and I'm down with that, too. Playlist says that progress is being made and Fukunaga is "indeed in talks for the film," which is great to hear, but he's got a few other projects on the burners and no one is certain what he'll take next. He's also attached to the civil war heist project No Blood, No Guts, No Glory for Focus.

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