Emma Watson speaks to difference between U.S., UK fans

That's because we now know that Emma Watson, the British actress who plays Hermione in the "Harry Potter" films, prefers U.S. fans to their U.K. counterparts.
"British audience members will come out and say, 'Well, that was very good,'" said Watson, while explaining the difference during a stop at "Late Show with David Letterman." "The American way is 'That was awesome!'"
"As much as I love being in the U.K.," she concluded, "that's the kind of response you want to get to your movie."
Letterman also grilled Watson about whether she's ever been drunk before, and how it was to go from age nine to 21 over the course of filming the eight "Harry Potter" movies, whose final installment is released on Wednesday.
"I've actually spent more time being Hermione than I have just being myself," she said.
When asked whether she envies friends who aren't involved with the 'Harry Potter' film series, she deadpanned:
"I think it would have been much more boring."
"I'm pretty happy with the way my life turned out ... I mean, who doesn't want to be the 'Harry Potter' girl?"

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