Francis Ford Coppola & His New 3D Film 'Twixt' Going to Comic-Con

Everybody scream - Francis Ford Coppola is coming to Comic-Con!!! Wait, what? Have you seen his last few films? This news was revealed by Entertainment Weekly originally, but also confirmed with an official press release. Francis Ford Coppola will be presenting portions of his upcoming horror movie Twixt at a panel on Saturday, July 23rd in Hall H at the 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego. Coppola himself will be there, but we're not sure if the cast will be, too. Twixt, for those curious, is described by Coppola himself as, "one part Gothic romance, one part personal film, and one part the kind of horror film that began my career."

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time the legendary Francis Ford Coppola has been to Comic-Con. He last attended way back in 1991 for a presentation on Bram Stoker's Dracula. "I fondly recall meeting the Comic-Con audience years ago when I brought them my Dracula film. That experience made me not want to miss this chance to return with Twixt," Coppola said. The cast includes: Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Elle Fanning and Ben Chaplin. They will be showing footage from the film. Here's the most interesting part of it: "Coppola has a unique new approach to the presentation of the film that will incorporate live music by acclaimed independent performance artist Dan Deacon. Deacon will attend Comic-Con with Coppola to help demonstrate the interactive experience of the film. The film incorporates both 2D and 3D elements."

Wow, I'm actually intrigued to see what that is, but having seen (and quickly forgotten) Coppola's last film Tetro, I really hope he's got some better ideas for this movie. As was reported last year when this project was first announced with the title Twixt Now and Sunrise, it's an original story by Coppola that came to him in a vivid dream he had while on a trip to Istanbul and is inspired by the writings of Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Here's the logline: "A writer with a declining career arrives in a small town as part of his book tour and gets caught up in a murder mystery involving a young girl. That night in a dream, he is approached by a mysterious young ghost named V." I'm just curious to see what this movie is all about.

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