John Cusack and Nicolas Cage Cast in Alaskan Drama 'Frozen Ground'

Source: Deadline
The last time we saw these two together was in Con Air, though an ideal team-up would be Cage and John Malkovich, but Cusack will do. Deadline is reporting that Nicolas Cage and John Cusack have both been cast in a film called The Frozen Ground, the directorial debut of Scott Walker, who also wrote the script. The project is based on true events surrounding Alaska's most notorious serial predator, Robert Hansen, who Cusack is in talks to play. Hansen was a "respected family man" who for over 12 years abducted more than 24 women and flew them into the Alaskan wilderness to be hunted. Sounds intense for just a "drama".

Cage will play the "principled and dedicated Alaskan State Trooper" who finds Hansen's only surviving teen victim alive on the street. Don't these roles seem a bit reversed, like that maybe Cage should be playing the crazy guy who's abducting women, and Cusack the cop hunting him down? The indie production will start shooting up this fall up in Anchorage, Alaska. With Joe Carnahan's The Grey on the horizon, I hope there's good wilderness hunting scenes, as that kind of nature-related drama seems to be on the rise again. We'll keep an eye on this project as it develops. There's obviously not a lot to go off of for now, especially considering this is the feature debut of the director, but I'm intrigued at least. I'm sure we'll hear more soon.

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