Keith Gordon Directing a Supernatural Thriller for Christopher Nolan

Source: Deadline
The first time Christopher Nolan decided to produce a film that he wasn't directing, it was putting his talent behind Man of Steel, the new take on Superman from Watchmen director Zack Snyder. However, now he'll be producing another film that will let a different filmmaker sit in the director's chair. Deadline reports Nolan will produce a new, secret supernatural thriller set up at Warner Bros. through his Syncopy production banner. The project is said to have been upstarted by Nolan's former assistant and right-hand man Jordan Goldberg, but Keith Gordon will be the man writing and directing the film.

No plot details have been revealed yet, but apparently the film is based on an unknown novel. It's hard to get excited with no story details, but if Nolan is producing a film that he's not directing, that's reason enough for me to at least be intrigued. In addition, Gordon (who was an actor first in films like Christine) has shown talent on the small screen by directing episodes of "House M.D.," "Rubicon," "Dexter," and an episode of "The Killing" most recently. Hopefully we'll get some details soon, but if Nolan is as secretive with this project as with the others, we may be waiting awhile.

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