Louis Morneau to Direct Another 'Wolfman' Remake Called 'Werewolf'

Source: Moviehole
Since Universal's attempt to revive the classic movie monster Wolfman pretty much fell flat on its face, the studio has since wisely decided against a sequel. However, still interested in keeping the moonlighting monster alive in pop culture, Universal is instead crafting another remake of the classic monster movie, but this time with the title of Werewolf. Moviehole also reports that Louis Morneau, the man behind horror sequels like Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, The Hitcher: I've Been Waiting, Carnosaur 2, and Bats starring Lou Diamond Phillips, will be at the helm of this new remake working from a script by Michael Tabb.

Apparently this project will have some sort of link to the original George Waggner film from 1941, so this may be like a pseudo-sequel/reboot rather than a straight-up remake. The plan is to have the film ready for production in the fall and casting will begin very soon. In an age where franchises like Hulk and Spider-Man received reboots so soon after their predecessors either failed or simply called it quits, this isn't surprising. However, I can't say that I'm all that thrilled with the talent on the page or behind the camera, and with all the influx of werewolves in film and TV currently, I'm pretty much sick of this movie monster by now. A good cast could change my mind though.

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