Ben Affleck Aiming Direct POV Thriller 'Line of Sight' for Warner Bros

Source: THR
by Alex Billington
Go, go, go! Ben Affleck is diving head first into directing. He's just about to start shooting his other film, Argo, the hostage crisis thriller starring John Goodman, Alan Arkin and himself, but THR reports he's already in negotiations to direct another film following that one. This project is called Line of Sight and is being produced by Joel Silver and Andrew Rona at Warner Bros. The big catch on this is it's another point-of-view (POV) movie, meaning it's first-person shooter view the entire time. We've already got that Gray Man project with Brad Pitt in the works that's entirely POV, now another one from and starring Ben Affleck.

Line of Sight comes from an idea conceived by Silver Pictures' Alex Heineman. Obviously even that title is a play on the concept. The story centers on an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat. Sounds fairly generic. THR adds that the script was recently revised by Peter O'Brien, who was story editor for Halo: Reach on Xbox. Affleck is in negotiations to star in, direct and produce Line of Sight, which is pretty much his prerogative anytime he gets involved in a project as the director. I'm very curious to see how this and the other POV movie turn out, but I've got to see it to believe it first. 

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