Bruce Willis Confirmed For G.I. Joe: Retaliation
According to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it’s “Go, Joe!” for Bruce Willis and the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel. 

Johnson tweeted “Welcome brother Bruce Willis to the cast of GI Joe! What an honor. #HeavyArtillery.” The tweet confirms rumors that Willis was circling the role of General Joe Colton in director Jon M. Chu’s sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation. For those unfamiliar with Joe lore, Colton was first introduced in the 1980s comic books and is considered to be the first G.I. Joe. 

Do you think the studio’s upset with Rock for jumping the gun and “leaking” the news via social media? Who’s the executive who gets to make that phone call? “Uh … Mr. Rock? Yeah, can you not do that? I’m sorry, what? No, no, I can’t smell what you are cooking?” Seriously, though, who can blame the actor. No doubt Willis was one of his idols, and Rock’s probably just psyched to share the screen with a bona-fide action legend. 

The casting of Willis isn’t as strange as one might assume. Remember, the great Joseph Gordon-Levitt accepted a role in the original. And the always welcome Walter Goggins recently joined the cast of Retaliation, an ensemble that already includes Channing Tatum (as Duke), Adrianne Palicki (as Lady Jaye), Ray Park (as Snake Eyes), Ray Stevenson (as Firefly) and Jonathan Pryce (as the President of the United States).

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