Del Toro Says Alfonso Cuarón's Sci-Fi 'Gravity' Will Be 'Mind-Blowing'

Source: MTV
by Alex Billington
Oh yes. Next year is a big year for movies, but one of them I've been anxiously awaiting is Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón's new sci-fi film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. We've heard bits and pieces about the project, that it's about a "lone survivor of a space mission" who must float through space to find her way home, and that there might be some very long one-shots. While Cuarón has been quietly shooting the last few months, nothing else has come out until now. Guillermo del Toro, of all people, recently visited the set and spilled the beans to MTV about how "mindblowing" and "insane" it'll be.

We all know that Cuaron's last film was Children of Men, another sci-fi, but he's been laying low since then until starting Gravity, which took a little while to get going at Warner Bros. "I'm amazed at Alfonso the past few movies because he's completely transformed himself," del Toro told MTV (watch the full video below). "[Gravity is] incredibly well-calculated. Very human, if you know the story." We know a bit about it, but not the full story, at least not until this hits theaters November 2012. What else can del Toro tell us about the ambitious sci-fi? Apparently that the way Cuaron is filming it is crazier than anything he's seen before.

"[They're] absolutely pushing a new boundary in filmmaking, completely mindblowing. And the way they're making that movie will, I think, forever change certain types of productions," he said.
Damn, that's quite a claim. And don't forget this is another talented filmmaker, unrelated to this project, talking about how blown away even he was. Del Toro goes on to make comparisons to Stanley Kubrick and even James Cameron. "Though del Toro wouldn't share what exactly Cuarón has come up with, he said that it will likely get a lot of press soon and is very Kubrickian." We've heard that Cuarón has been envisioning some 20-minute long one-take shots, and obviously needs the technology and setup to pull this off. They even went to Cameron to talk about using his cameras. "Jim said, well you know, look, you're about five years into the future. When Jim said that it's too early to try anything that crazy, they did it." Wow.

As a die-hard sci-fi fan, this is truly exciting to hear. I had a very good feeling, ever since this project was first announced, that Cuaron was up to something, something very unique and, hopefully, mind-blowing in my favorite genre. But of course I was making assumptions, now we've heard it from someone legit that this will indeed be incredible, and that's exactly what I've been hoping we'd hear all along. Best of all, Cuaron has acclaimed cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, responsible for the stunning visuals in Children of Men and Y Tu Mamá También, currently hard at work shooting Gravity. From the sounds of it so far, this is definitely going to be a big highlight of 2012, and we haven't even seen a single frame of it yet

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