Jesse Eisenberg Playing Double in Richard Ayoade's 'The Double' Film

Source: Vulture
It's truly a shame that British comedian Richard Ayoade's feature debut, Submarine, didn't break out like we all wanted it to. But that doesn't mean Ayoade can't still direct more great films and it sounds like he already has his next one lined up. Vulture is now reporting that Ayoade has cast Jesse Eisenberg in his upcoming indie adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella The Double, first published in 1846. Like Sam Rockwell (Moon) or Dominic Cooper (Devil's Double) before him, Eisenberg will likely play two characters in the story about a Russian government clerk who sees a "literal facsimile" of himself" working in his office.

In Dostoyevsky's The Double: A Petersburg Poem, the story depicts a man named Golyadkin whose life is on the verge of destruction due to the sudden appearance of a literal facsimile of his self. This double attempts to destroy the protagonist's good name and claim the position of both his public life in the Russian bureaucracy and within the social circle. "Think of it as Fight Club for bureaucrats." Vulture doesn't have any other info on the adaptation, but they do mention it's an independent project. I'm excited for this just because I can see how perfectly Ayoade's style will work for this, and how it could definitely be like Fight Club plus Office Space, but with some Ayoade flair. 

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