Mark Wahlberg Could Possibly Replace Bradley Cooper in 'The Crow'

Source: Heat Vision
by Ethan Anderton
Just this past April, some surprising news revealed that Limitless and The Hangover star Bradley Cooper was in talks to take the titular role in Relativity Media's remake of The Crow from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. However, with Cooper recently snagging the lead in The Silver Linings Playbook adaptation from David O. Russell, plus Alex Proyas' big screen take on Paradise Lost following immediately after, Heat Vision says the actor had to leave the project behind. However, Mark Wahlberg has again surfaced as a candidate after being originally rumored last October, and one other contender has also emerged. Read on!

Honestly, I think Wahlberg could pull off the role well, but some have quite emphatically expressed their disapproval. However, I think we'd all prefer Wahlberg over the other possible replacement: Channing Tatum. Both of the actors are apparently possible replacements, but unfortunately, with Wahlberg recently being too busy to take on Silver Linings Playbook (which coincidentally went to Bradley Cooper) and also taking on an adaptation of 2 Guns at Universal, I don't think he's any less busy than Cooper at this point. With every fiber of my being I hope there's a longer list that will keep Tatum away from The Crow. Maybe someone like Cillian Murphy or Joseph Gordon-Levitt could possibly step into the role? 

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