Mike Myers Set to Return for Yet Another New 'Austin Powers' Sequel

Source: HitFix
by Alex Billington
Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later? Comedian/actor Mike Myers hasn't had too much success with any of his characters recently. The Love Guru was a huge flop, The Cat in the Hat was terrible, all he's got is Shrek and Austin Powers. After exhausting one franchise he's back to the other. HitFix is reporting, and this is all they say, that Myers has signed the deal to return as Austin Powers again in a third sequel. "Austin Powers 4 is coming, officially." I'm not surprised. Hollywood seems to be stuck on rebooting/restarting older franchises again (e.g. American Pie), so why not Austin Powers? Everyone loved Goldmember, right?

Goldmember was released in 2002, and the series kicked off with Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in 1997. Myers played a lot of the key characters, from Powers to the unforgettable Dr. Evil, as well as Fat Bastard, Goldmember and others. There aren't any details on the project, including who's directing, producing or writing, but I'm sure New Line Cinema is trying to get the original team back. Jay Roach directed all three of the films, then went on to direct Meet the Fockers, Recount and Dinner for Schmucks last year (which didn't do so well), so he may be available. However, this seems like a desperate run back to a character that everyone loves, I just hope they've got new ideas. Do you want more Austin Powers?

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