Pixar Announces Their Two, Still Untitled, 2013/2014 Movies at D23

by Alex AdminOld
I'm attending the Disney D23 Expo down in Anaheim today and their big movie presentation was held early this morning, including a look at most of Disney's major movies between this year and next. During the Pixar portion of the panel, Disney CCO John Lasseter introduced their line-up including the Planes spin-off, Brave, Monsters University, and finally, their two movies following University (which is due June 2013). Unfortunately, both of their next projects are still untitled, but we at least have some information on them. One will be about dinosaurs, coming 2013, the other will be set "inside the mind" due summer 2014.

The first new Pixar project they officially unveiled is tentatively titled The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs (that was even in the logo) as they don't have a title (they want to announce) yet. Directing is Pixar veteran Bob Peterson, who co-directed Up and has even voiced some iconic characters in their past films, including Roz in Monsters Inc, Mr. Ray in Finding Nemo, and Dug the Dog in Up. The movie will be set in a world where the comet that killed all the dinosaurs missed and they survived. That's all they would reveal minus a concept art showing a long-necked brontosaurus, but no other characters. As far as we know, this is the same project rumored about years ago with early leaked concept art, so that's now the first look.

The other new Pixar project they revealed, set for summer 2014, is tentatively The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind. Both of these are original projects from Pixar and this is the one that Pete Docter, director of Monsters Inc and Up, is working on next. They only explained that the setting of this one would be "inside the mind", and we'd find out what goes on when people make decisions and how the mind works. Interesting, very interesting concept. No characters were revealed though, so details are still vague on this newly announced Inside the Mind project. But it's from Pete Docter, it should be great!

As a die-hard Pixar fan, I'm very excited to see that we've finally got some fantastic original stories in the works coming from certified Pixar geniuses. We don't really have a full idea of where these movies are headed or what will happen in them, but I'm intrigued nonetheless. Until then, we've got two more exciting movies on the way, with Brave and Monsters University already getting revealed, too. We'll have more on Monsters later, as I'm currently waiting in line to get into their full presentation on this prequel specifically.

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