Tony Scott is Now 'Eager' to Remake 'The Wild Bunch' for Warner Bros

Source: Deadline
by Alex Billington
Lots of news from the Scott family today. Not only did Ridley Scott make headlines with another Blade Runner, but Tony Scott is now lining up another project, too. Deadline is reporting that Tony Scott, who is gearing up to also work on Hell's Angels for Fox 2000, is now "most eager" to direct the Warner Bros remake/reboot, revealed earlier this year, of The Wild Bunch, the 1969 Sam Peckinpah-directed Western that starred William Holden & Ernest Borgnine. Tony Scott's last film was Unstoppable, and he's got tons of other projects lined up, including another Top Gun and that Hell's Angels film, but this could take priority.

One of the key pieces in one of the projects involves casting Jeff Bridges as biker gang leader Sonny Barger in Hell's Angels, as Bridges has a hell of a lot on his plate, from R.I.P.D. to The Seventh Son, and hasn't even said yes because he's still so busy touring with on his concerts and preparing to work on those other two films. While that would be next for Tony Scott, it sounds like The Wild Bunch could creep up quicker. Deadline says Scott is getting "serious about a new version of a movie classic" and is in talks to direct. But he's also developing a "high priority reinvention of his 1986 Tom Cruise hit Top Gun." So yea, he's got a lot to choose from and anything could catch. "It's early days" they say. Interesting to see what he's focused on.

I'm fairly sure many people don't want to see a remake of The Wild Bunch at all, as we already have too many remakes/reboots in the works. I would agree and honestly, I'm not too keen on Tony Scott's recent directorial choices anyway. He's definitely not up at the caliber of his brother Ridley, but that's just my own opinion. I would prefer to see Tony Scott take on something besides a remake, maybe that Potzdamer Platz movie or Mark Millar's Nemesis, try something different and push himself a bit more. Unstoppable wasn't bad, but I'm concerned we're going to see more camp from Scott, rather than edge.

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