Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Returning To IMAX Theaters For Two Weeks
Transformers: Dark of the Moon made a proverbial ton of money (in reality, a ton of dollar bills equals about $908,000). The film managed to bring in $348.5 million domestically and more than a billion internationally on a $195 million budget. Apparently. however, that's not quite enough for Paramount as the studio has announced that the third film in the Transformers franchise will be making its way back to theaters, but only in IMAX form. 

Deadline has received a press release from the studio announcing that starting Friday, August 26th (aka this Friday) Transformers: Dark of the Moon will once again play in 246 IMAX theaters around the country. That said, it will be only be around for two weeks, leaving theaters on Thursday, September 8th. The release says that the Michael Bay film will not bump other movies and will instead "will play simultaneously with other films in the IMAX network." During its first run, Transformers: Dark of the Moon made $59.6 million at IMAX theaters globally. 

I must admit, Transformers: Dark of the Moon may have been yet another critical failure, but Paramount has done an absolutely amazing job with its release schedule. It began with moving the film from Friday to Wednesday in order to get a jump on the competition and continued when the studio opened up 3D screenings a few hours early the Tuesday before in order to force the more desperate audience members to shill out some extra cash. Now it's planning a re-release the week after every new movie at the box office came in below expectation. If only they were waiting for a holiday instead of October 20th to release it on home video it would have been perfect. 

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