Zoe Saldana Will Play a Half-Human, Half-Angel in Thriller 'Dominion'

Source: THR
by Alex Billington
Obviously well-timed with the release of her new action movie Colombiana this weekend, THR is reporting that Paramount has set up a supernatural thriller called Dominion starring badass-hottie Zoe Saldana. There is no director yet, but the pitch is from writers Dean McCreary & Chester Hastings. It apparently has something to do with a woman, to be played by Saldana, who is half-human, half-angel. Not much more is known beyond that, but the project is being produced by Saldana, as well as Robbie Brenner, of A Perfect Getaway and Machine Gun Preacher. This seems like a rather interesting project to watch out for. Read on!

R. Dean McCreary and Chester Hastings, the two writers behind Dominion, which is an intriguing title in and of itself (in relation to the half-angel story), are also credited for the script on a thriller called You're My Angel, currently in the works at 4 Horsemen Films, about "an obsessed ex girlfriend and the wrath of the spiritual realm." They're also behind a short called Fanboy, "about a video store employee who's the world's biggest Sam Raimi fan." Sounds awesome, even though I've never heard of it before. This Dominion project sounds like it could be something quite unique, I just hope it turns out good (and not anything like Scott Stewart's Legion). We'll keep an eye on it. 

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