Is Terrence Malick Already Filming Christian Bale in His Next Project?
by Alex Billington
So there's something very interesting going on. While cameras are still rolling on Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, lead actor Christian Bale may already be working on one of his other upcoming projects. It was revealed back in August that Bale was up for the lead role in another new Terrence Malick project, to follow his romance with Ben Affleck that's already finished. On Friday this week, Bale was spotted attending shows at the Austin City Limits music festival - with both a full camera crew and Malick himself in tow. Photos, like the one seen above, were taken confirming the two are working together. But what's going on?

When it was first mentioned that Christian Bale would be working with Terrence Malick, as is expected of the mysterious filmmaker, no details were revealed, it's simply known as the "untitled, unidentified project." First things first, these photos (like this one on Flickr) definitely confirm that Bale and Malick are working together. But are they shooting already? And why are they at the Austin City Limits concerts? Is it a biopic about a musician? Or are they just having fun together, as Malick does live in Austin. 

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