Warner Bros. Wants Steven Spielberg to Direct GODS AND KINGS, a Movie About the Life of Moses

by Brendan Bettinger
Warner Bros. and producers Dan Lin and Matti Leshem are in development on Gods and Kings, an epic cinematic take on the life of Biblical hero Moses.  Last time we checked in on the project, WB was courting Darren Aronofsky to direct, and the plot was said to focus on the Exodus (i.e. older Moses).  However, Deadline says the script by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine covers “the life of Moses from birth to death.”  This is important to me, but an update on the directorial status of Gods and Kings will be more noteworthy to everyone else.  Things presumably did not work out with Aronofsky, so the studio is setting their sights even higher: the one, the only… Steven Spielberg.  There’s no guarantee they’ll get Spielberg.  And if they do, it will become one of a dozen projects the director would eventually like to get to.  But I’m excited by the possibility.  We haven’t seen Spielberg direct a big, effects-driven tentpole since 2005′s War of the Worlds.  The epic-but-animated The Adventures of Tintin doesn’t count, and his next films War Horse and Lincoln look to be more character dramas.  Robopocalypse could break the streak, but the life of Moses is the prototype for the special-effects summer blockbuster.  Thousands of frogs will rise from the Nile!  The Red Sea will be parted!  The desert ground splits open to swallow up rebellious Reubenites!

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