Back-to-Back 'Transformers' Sequels Coming Without Shia LaBeouf?
by Ethan Anderton
Well, that was fast! After learning this morning that Hasbro was already in talks with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay for yet another Transformers sequel, some more details have already come to the surface. In fact, Variety's report says Paramount Pictures is actually thinking of shooting two back-to-back sequels for the action franchise, and that star Shia LaBeouf will not be reprising his role again as our hero Sam Witwicky. Apparently this would make production cheaper so that visual effects, toy design/deals and contract negotiations don't need to be rushed for a quick follow-up to the fourth film. More details below!

Though screenwriter Ehren Kruger has some kind of idea for the new films, no story details have been revealed yet. One interesting factor that has been confirmed though is the wild rumor that Jason Statham is being eyed for a role in the new sequels. However, no offer has been made to the actor, so it sounds like he might just be on the top of their wish list. This would actually be the first time Paramount has decided to shoot a pair of sequels back-to-back, and for fans who don't want to wait multiple years between sequels, that can only be good news.

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