Scorsese Could Direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Remake of 'The Gambler'

Source: Deadline
by Alex Billington
Ohhh Martin Scorsese, there's nothing he won't get attached to. Deadline is reporting that Paramount is developing a remake of the 1974 gambling drama The Gambler, and that they've attached Leonardo DiCaprio to star. But that's not all, as he comes with Scorsese, too! They're saying that the project is a "potential directing vehicle for Martin Scorsese" with a screenplay from William Monahan, who won an Oscar like Scorsese for writing The Departed. Quite a Departed round-up, which is exactly what makes this so enticing. But, of course, all three of these guys have their hands in so many other places at the moment.

The Gambler, directed by Karel Reisz, starred James Caan as an academic whose gambling addiction begins to get the best of him. This should be fascinating to see DiCaprio play, a man slowly going to "dark places" through gambling. And best of all, there's potential that the guy behind Casino, GoodFellas, Taxi Driver and Gangs of New York might be directing this? Awesome, I'm all in. Details are sparse, as even Deadline's post doesn't say much besides the basic information, which is that Monahan is writing, DiCaprio is attached, and anything could happen with Scorsese. We'll have to wait to see what happens. Anyone for The Gambler?

At the moment, Scorsese is finishing up his family-adventure adaptation Hugo in 3D (watch the trailer), but he has a lot potentially lined up after that. Word is he'll direct a film called Silence next, an adaptation of a Shusaku Endo novel about "a Jesuit missionary sent to seventeenth century Japan." Beyond that, he's got projects including Sinatra with De Niro, that Wolf of Wall Street project that also has DiCaprio in the mix, The Irishman with Joe Pesci & Al Pacino, and also that Furious Love romance adaptation. As you can see, Marty has lots already in the works and he's not even done with his current film. Only time will tell!

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