'Source Code' Writer Bringing 'Flatliners' Remake to Life at Columbia

Source: THR
by Alex Billington
Yes, I've got to start with the obligatory "it's back from the dead!" THR is reporting that Columbia Pictures has a remake of Flatliners in the works, and that Further Films, who produced the original, is developing, along with producer Laurence Mark (The Lookout, Julie & Julia, How Do You Know). Set to write the script is Ben Ripley, mostly known for writing the original screenplay for Duncan Jones' Source Code, but also has credited work on some Species sequels. That's all they've announced for this new version so far. To be honest, I love the concept, and that Schumacher one just doesn't deliver. Some lines shouldn't be crossed.

The original 1990 Joel Schumacher-directed Flatliners starred quite a young cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin and Oliver Platt. The concept/story centers on a group of medical students who subject themselves to near-death experiences in order to see if anything lies beyond the big sleep. The members of the group are revisited by physical manifestations of childhood sins and are not sure if what they are facing is real or hallucination. It becomes more of a horror story and goes crazy, but I think the idea of setting up experiments to step briefly into death is an exciting enough concept on its own. I'll be curious to see how this develops and who they find to direct.

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