Shawn Levy to Direct 'Frankenstein' Before 'Fantastic Voyage' Now?

Source: Deadline
by Ethan Anderton
In case you hadn't heard, the forthcoming 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage at 20th Century Fox has hit a bit of a snag because director Shawn Levy is looking to get a big A-list star on board to lead the project, while the studio doesn't necessarily think they need that big of a star on board. Levy has recently set a meeting with Will Smith about the project, but if he doesn't join, and another comparable star can't be found, then Levy will do something else. That seems to be more likely now as Deadline is reporting Levy will instead take on a new adaptation of Frankenstein scripted by Max Landis (son of John Landis) also set up at Fox.

Conversations are underway with Levy to have the director direct the film this winter or next spring. Of course, the project is on the fast track in order to beat several other Frankenstein-centric films currently in the works. Honestly, I'd rather see what Levy can do in the horror/thriller genre than take on another action adventure tentpole. Real Steel looks to be a decent departure from his usual, simple family friendly fare, and I think Levy really has something to prove with some darker, grittier material. Of course, I wish it was something less familiar than another Frankenstein adaptation, but that's just how things are in Hollywood right now.

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