'Red Dawn' Remake Finally Getting Released Courtesy of Film District

Source: 24 Frames
by Ethan Anderton
Back in June of 2010, we got word that the financial woes of MGM might cause the gestating remake of Red Dawn to remain shelved indefinitely. Since then we've seen a cool cast photo and rumblings of digital modifications to the film to change the villainous country in the story from China to North Korea, but there's been no talk about when we might actually see the film on the big screen. Now we have an answer as 24 Frames has learned that Film District, the company behind this year's releases Drive and Insidious is finalizing a deal with MGM to allow them to finally distribute the film sometime in 2012. More below!

After MGM went under in 2009, no studio wanted to touch Red Dawn for fear of upsetting the Chinese government, hence the change to have most of the invaders of our homeland changed to North Koreans. This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the film which features now big name talent like Chris Hemsworth (star of last summer's Thor) and Josh Hutcherson (who will be seen in The Hunger Games next March). The delay might end up giving director Dan Bradley more exposure and success than MGM's release of the film would've brought, and that's always good news for any filmmaker. Of course, some fans of the original are likely still against the remake, but it sounds like there's no stopping it now.

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