Confirmed: 'TDKR' Prologue on 'Ghost Protocol' But Only 70MM IMAX

Source: AMC
by Alex Billington
Briefly: We now have official confirmation that the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached and playing in IMAX in front of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol starting December 16. It was actually the theater chain AMC who confirmed, posting a message saying "AMC Theatres can confirm that this footage will be shown in front of Ghost Protocol on December 16th." However, they add that the footage will "only be shown on the higher resolution 70mm IMAX screens. Not the digital IMAX screens." Interesting - so only real 70mm IMAX, not "LieMAX" for the prologue. I bet this is going to look absolutely breathtaking.

This exciting prologue news was first uncovered by SlashFilm last week and backed up by our own sources. However, the prologue will only run six minutes long, not the originally reported eight. AMC doesn't say anything else about why it's only showing in 70mm IMAX (at least for them, likely this is all IMAX theaters), but I have a feeling it could be something as simple as Christopher Nolan only wanting to show this in the true film IMAX presentation, and not digital. Sounds good to me, I'll be there! The Dark Knight Rises is still shooting, but will have this opening ready by December 16th, when Brad Bird's Ghost Protocol hits IMAX theaters. This is a bit of footage you do not want to miss seeing! And on IMAX it will be amazing. Can't wait!

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