Coen Brothers' Next Film to Focus on 60's Folk Music in New York City

Source: Variety
by Ethan Anderton
Previously, there were rumblings from 24 Frames that revealed the next film from Joel and Ethan Coen would be partly based on Dave Van Ronk's memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street which chronicles the author's time as a larger-than-life presence with a blustery personality to match his big frame, who is known for the famous folk-music haunts and mentoring musicians such rising talents as Bob Dylan. Now Variety has word that the film will be called Inside Llewyn Davis, and the story will actually follow the struggles of the title character as a folk musician during the genre's 1960's heyday in NYC.

Since Llewn Davis is a fictional musician, I'm betting the aforementioned memoir is moreso being used as a foundation on which to build the folk music scene in the 60's to make it as authentic as possible. Of course, I wouldn't doubt if real folk music names from the scene's heyday ended up in the film as well. If the soundtrack is half as good as their previous folksy effort O Brother Where Art Thou? then I'm absolutely floored to see what the Coens' deliver with this new project. Of course the sibling duo also wrote the script themselves, so this project just keeps sounding better and better.

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