Dwayne Johnson & Taylor Lautner To Do Battle As ‘David And Goliath’?

Source:The Playlist
According to Twitch, the producers behind the “Twilight” movies have made an offer to Jacob to star alongside The Rock, who they are in talks with, for a big screen take on the biblical David and Goliath story—you can probably figure out who would play what role. Those of you with a good memory might recall that project set up at Relativity was announced as in the works with Scott Derrickson (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”) at the helm a little while ago. While we hadn’t heard anything in a while, it appears they are looking to cast this thing up soon.

While faith based movies tend to do well, ironically, films that that are verbatim adaptations of Bible stories are usually a tougher sell at the box office. Godfrey and Bowen previously tried their hand at a Bible tale with “The Nativity Story” which turned a quiet, relatively small, yet tidy profit, but which hardly made the waves of something like “The Passion Of The Christ.” However, David and Goliath is obviously a much more cinematically riveting tale than say, Moses And The Burning Bush, and there is probably a certain audience that would love to see Johnson and Lautner in thigh length garb throwing rocks at each other. But we have one quibble with this casting: isn’t David supposed to be a completely unassuming everyman type and not a ripped young man who looks like he hits the gym every day for three hours? Frankly, David should be played by a Topher Grace type, though Topher’s currently having trouble convincing us he’s an FBI agent so maybe that’s why they are going with someone with a bit of muscle.

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